Historical Studies

 A peer reviewed journal of the CCHA

Historical Studies is an annual peer-reviewed publication of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association. It publishes articles on the history of Catholicism in Canada or on topics that have a connection to the Canadian Catholic experience. Periodically, the journal will also publish historiographical articles that summarize and assess new trends and developments in Catholic history, as well as reviews of new books that significantly affect our understanding of Canadian Catholic history.

The journal has a rigorous peer review system, with authors usually receiving two reviews of their work.

Historical Studies is published together with the French-language Études d’histoire religieuse, the journal for Société canadienne d’histoire de l’Église catholique.

Historical Studies is indexed in the Canadian Periodical Index, the Catholic Periodical and Literature IndexUlrich’s International Periodicals Dictionary, ABC-Clio’s American: History and Life, and the Canadian Historical Review’s “Recent Publications Relating to Canada.

The Paul A. Bator Memorial Award is awarded biennially to the author of the article judged to be the best published by Historical Studies in the previous two years.

If you are interested in submitting a paper, please consult the Submission Guidelines and send inquiries to the Editor.

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Editorial Team

Peter Ludlow – Editor

Paul Armstrong – Associate Editor

Colin Barr – Associate Editor

Patrick Mannion – Book Review Editor

The CCHA is grateful to the following contributing editors for their assistance with Historical Studies:

Dr. Michael Attridge (University of Toronto)
Dr Luca Codignola (University of Notre Dame)
Dr. Indre Cuplinskas (St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta)
Rev. Dr. Seamus Hogan (St. Augustine’s Seminary)
Dr. Rose Luminiello (University of Notre Dame/University of Aberdeen)
Dr. Edward MacDonald (University of Prince Edward Island)
Dr. Heidi MacDonald (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
Dr. Mark G. McGowan (University of Toronto)
Dr. Daniel MacLeod (University of Manitoba)
Dr. Peter Meehan (St. Jerome’s College)
Dr. Terry Murphy (Saint Mary’s University)
Dr. Sarah Roddy (Maynooth University)
Dr. Patricia Roy (University of Victoria)
Dr. Kathleen Sprows Cummings (Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, University of Notre Dame)