Every year the Canadian Catholic Historical Association has a number of awards available to writers of varying academic levels.

  • James F. Kenney (Annual): This prize is given in honour of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association’s founder, James F. Kenney (1884-1946).  It is awarded for the best essay on any aspect of the history of Catholicism in Canada written in a course by an undergraduate student in any university.
  • G.E. Clerk Award (Biennial): This award recognizes the broad commitment and contributions of the nominee to the field of Canadian Catholic history (scholarly/educational/archival) and to the administration and mission of the CCHA/SCHEC.  It may be awarded biennially.
  • Paul Bator Award (Biennial): Offered in memory of Paul Bator, Catholic scholar and editor of Historical Studies (1993-1995) this award recognizes the best article published in Historical Studies in the previous two years.

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