The Canadian Catholic Historical Association is a national society with members throughout every province of Canada. The Association also draws many of their members from the United States and Europe.  The benefits of being a member, including opportunities to be published in an established (80 years) peer reviewed journal, are only the beginning.  Many of our members have been actively involved in the CCHA Executive and have helped to shape the effectiveness of the CCHA.

Annual membership fees are as follows:

  • Canadian members $50.00
  • American members $50.00 (U.S)
  • Overseas members $60.00 (U.S)
  • Student members $30.00
  • Joint membership in the French and English sections $70.00

For their fees, members receive the annual peer reviewed volume of Historical Studies as well as the CCHA Bulletin (Spring and Fall) any notices of the Association during that year and the occasional item of interest sent as a gift by the CCHA Executive.

A lifetime membership is $950. Our lifetime members find it easy to not have to remember to send in annual memberships and still always be connected to the diversity of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association.  The lifetime membership is non-transferable.  Come and join those of us who are recording Canada’s Catholic History.