Historical Studies have arrived!

From CCHA administrator Valerie Burke:

Historical Studies have finally arrived!

Covid delays in paper seriously impacted the production of our annual journal, but they finally arrived. It was only then that we could calculate how much it would cost to mail them to you, based on the weight and height of the package.

You may be as shocked as I was to hear the cost to mail your Historical Studies this year (well, last year’s HS with the cost of this year’s stamp prices!).

  • To mail within Canada: 5.75
  • To the USA: 11.14
  • International: 22.28

Needless to say the Executive was relieved to hear that among Father Jackman’s collective assortment of strange and wonderful books and “things” was an eccentric need to collect permanent and historic stamps. His philatelic habit is definitely a long-lasting gift to the CCHA. We tried (my son, Nigel, his friend, Braxton and I) tried to get as close as possible to the correct amounts required. I even had fun personally selecting stamps for as many as I could. It took us all day! The postmaster was quite amused.

Most of the envelopes will be mailed on February 15.

Thanks to the persistence of our Editor, Peter Ludlow and his team, dare I say, we are lucky to have received them this early!

Enjoy your stamps… I mean your Historical Studies!!

Published on: 15 February 2022
Posted by: ccha