Congress 2019 at the University of British Columbia

Congress 2019, in association with the Annual CCHA Conference, is being held in 2019 at the University of British Columbia. Unrivaled in scope and impact, the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences is the convergence of over 70 scholarly associations, each holding their annual conference under one umbrella.

Now in its 87th year, this flagship event is much more than Canada’s largest gathering of scholars across disciplines. Congress brings together academics, researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners to share findings, refine ideas, and build partnerships that will help shape the Canada of tomorrow.

The Annual Joint-Session Keynote Speaker, this year welcoming University of Aberdeen’s Colin Barr, will be held in Buchanan B building  –  Room 313 at 8:25.

The CCHA Annual Conference will be held Wednesday June 5 and Thursday June 6, 2019 also in Buchanan B building but in room 310. Be sure to check out our complete program in the link below.

Other quick reference points to know:

Group Accommodations: Carey Centre near St. Mark’s Parish (Iona Drive, UBC)
Annual AGM Buchannan Room 310 – 3:00 pm
Annual Mass for the Deceased Members of the CCHA (5:00pm) St. Marks Parish
CCHA Reception and Banquet: Sage Bistro (6:30pm) UCLL Ideas Lounge


Registration is open at


The final programme (PDF) is available for download.


OFF-SITE TOUR: ST. PAUL’S INDIAN CHURCH (depicted in the painting above)

We welcome all members and guests of the CCHA to join us on the tour that precedes our Conference. On June 4th, we will begin our day getting caught up with one another and enjoy a light meal at 12:30 with a pub lunch at Mahoney’s Pub – 5990 University Blvd, on the UBC Campus. We will walk back and leave from Carey Centre at 1:30 pm  by van, to the Churches. From there we will travel together to Holy Rosary Cathedral (646 Richards St., Vancouver) where our tour will officially commence at 2pm. Followed by another tour of the historical St. Paul’s Indian Church in North Vancouver.

If for any reason you cannot join us at the start, please reach out to Valerie Burke by text 705-795-9754 to meet us either at Carey Centre prior to the tour or somewhere along the way.  For those who are interested, we will also likely have a later evening meal together.  If you text Valerie of your interest we should know where we will be gathering after our tour.

For your review are some photos from the May 31, 2018 CCHA Conference at the University of Regina. Don’t forget to catch us on Twitter @cchahistory!

“Let’s do a selfie Father!”  Rev. Edward Jackman, Secretary General of the CCHA with the “general secretary” Valerie Burke in front of Holy Rosary Catholic Cathedral, on Garnet St. in Regina, 2018
Stained glass windows from Blessed Sacrament Church (2049 Scarth Street, Regina) – the first and oldest Roman Catholic faith community and church building in Regina
CCHA members join the tour planned by Local Co-ordinator Margaret Sanche to Blessed Sacrament Church, Regina
Past President Robert Dennis, Keynote Speaker and CCHA member Luca Codignola and 2018 President, Peter Baltutis after the Keynote Address
The CCHA Banquet always an evening of good food and friendship.  Current President Peter Ludlow seated front left with members and friends of the CCHA.
An enjoyable evening of Greek food at Memories Dining found at the Quality Inn, Regina.
Membership Director Valerie Burke and Patricia Roy long time Editor of Historical Studies.
LAC for Regina, Margaret Sanche and current 2018-2020 Editor of Historical Studies, Edward MacDonald.
Former CCHA President Heidi MacDonald and Terry Murphy (St. Mary’s University, Halifax) and his wife, Sandra at the CCHA Banquet, Memories, Regina.
There’s always something to laugh about with Robin Gresko with Mark McGowan (U of T)
 Jacqueline Gresko, current Editor of the CCHA Newsletter.
Robert Dennis uniting with his old Queen’s University friend, Rankiin Sherling and Peter Ludlow, President of CCHA, 2018-2020
Winner of the G.E. Clerk Award (2018) , Dr. Rosa Bruno-Jofré and CCHA President (2018) Dr. Peter Baltutis, at the 2018 Annual CCHA Banquet.
Session Two presenters, Roundtable discussion of The Imperial Irish: Canada’s Irish Catholics Fight the Great War, 1914-1918 by Mark G. McGowan (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017)
From Left to Right – Ranking Sherling, Terrence Fay, Mark McGowan and Peter Ludlow
Published on: 12 November 2018
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