Submit news of your work and projects for inclusion in the CCHA Bulletin

Dear fellow CCHA members,

As editor of the CCHA Bulletin I would like to invite all members of the association to send me items for the Coast to Coast section of the CCHA Bulletin .

The deadline for copy is March1, but I will accept submissions up to March 15.

Let me know of your research, presentations, publications, and travels related to Canadian Catholic History as well as any new academic posts or recent promotions.

Please also send items about archives and notes on digitization projects or historical blogs. In the interest of promoting dialogue I would like to ask instructors to report on their experiences teaching Canadian Catholic studies, e.g. through field studies.


Blessings on your spring projects.

Jacqueline Gresko Editor, CCHA Bulletin

Published on: 8 March 2017
Posted by: amm098