CCHA celebrates 90 years at Congress 2023

The CCHA returned to in-person conferencing at Congress 2023 just in time for its 90th birthday. 

Highlights included a keynote address by Professor Emma Anderson (University of Ottawa) entitled “A Double-Edged Sword: Excommunication and its Unanticipated Effects in Nineteenth-Century Canada” and a book launch for Dr. Peter Ludlow‘s new Disciples of Antigonish: Catholics in Nova Scotia 1880-1960 (McGill-Queens University Press). Professor Mark McGowan‘s closing talk on the history of the CCHA was a fascinating tour through 90 years of association history, and reminded members “much remains to be learned.”

At the AGM, Richard (Dick) LeBrun was named Honorary President. Dick is a former Clerk award winner (1993), former President (1969-70), and editor of the journal (1997-2004).

The Association also awarded the following:

  • Edward JR Jackman Service Award to MC Havey
  • G.E. Clerk Award to Luca Codignola Bo
  • Paul A. Bator Memorial Award to Edward MacDonald for his 2021 Historical Studies article: “A song for Edward Whelan: Commemoration, Catholicism, and Classical Liberalism in the Afterlife of a Tragic Hero.”
Published on: 5 June
Posted by: smithljo