CCHA Statement on the Kamloops Residential School

The recent tragic revelations of the Kamloops Residential School have brought to the fore the importance of establishing “the truth” as a necessary precursor to “reconciliation.” One means of assuring that the “the truth be told, and no untruth be told,” to quote Pope Leo XIII at the opening of the Vatican Archives in the late nineteenth century, is accessibility to the historical records in ecclesiastical and civil archives pertaining to the residential schools.

The Canadian Catholic Historical Association (CCHA) is a community of scholars, professional historians, and archivists, ready and willing to lend their expertise to assist those who have questions about Catholic archival records or require historical analysis. We will have a webinar posted to our website shortly, which will answer questions regarding how and where to access Catholic archives in Canada. In the meantime, please feel free to email Rankin Sherling, CCHA President at or Laura Smith, CCHA Vice-President at with your questions and we will forward them to the appropriate expert.

Peter Ludlow – President-General
Rankin Sherling – President
Laura Smith – Vice-President

Published on: 9 June 2021
Posted by: ccha