Irish Day at the CCHA Conference

The Canadian Catholic Historical Association is pleased to announce as part of our annual conference this year that it will host a special day on Wednesday, May 28 on nineteenth century Irish Catholicism in Halifax. The event is unprecedented in our long and esteemed history—in 2013, the CCHA became party to a SSHRC partnership development grant with St Mary’s University and the Holy Cross Trust. Under the leadership of historian Mark McGowan our three institutions have worked collaboratively with researchers in Canada and Europe on a 1-year project aimed at the experiences of the Irish Catholic community of a garrison town in the 1800s.

The CCHA is delighted to host a symposium on this transatlantic research with scholars from both sides of the Atlantic presenting their findings—an updated conference programme is available on We truly hope you can join us in St Catharines and also look for a special edition of Historical Studies where papers will be published this fall!

Published on: 9 April 2014
Posted by: amm098