Update on the Symposium of Irish Catholicism – May, 2014

Irish Catholicism in 19th Century Halifax

In May of 2014, The Canadian Catholic Historical Association (CCHA) hosted a day-long symposium on Irish Catholicism in 19th Century Halifax.  Presentations were made by the Research Team working on the SSHRC-funded project, “Irish‐Catholic Discourse and Social Mobility in Nineteenth Century Halifax: the Exemplary Case of Holy Cross Cemetery.”  The CCHA presented this symposium in conjunction with its partners from St. Mary’s University and the Holy Cross Trust

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CCHA Irish Day speakers 2014

(Left to Right) Colin Barr, Mark McGowan, Katherine Crooks, James White, Karley Kehoe, Bruce Elliot, Binod Sundararjan, Julie Lalande, Patrick Manion, Terry Murphy (hidden), Peter Ludlow (nearly hidden), Dan MacInnes, Robert Dennis, Paul Armstrong


Irish Catholicism in a North Atlantic World
Chair: Mark McGowan (University of Toronto)

Karly Kehoe (Glasgow Caledonian University)  Catholicism and British Identity in the Atlantic World, 1780-1830

Colin Barr (University of Aberdeen)  Irish Catholicism in Local and Global Context

Peter Ludlow (Holy Cross Trust)   Disturbed by the Irish Howl: Irish and Scottish Catholics in Nova Scotia,1840-1860

Irish Catholics in 19th Century Halifax
Chair: Robert Dennis (Queen’s University)

Terry Murphy (St. Mary’s University)  The Irish Catholic Community in Halifax in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

Paul Armstrong (Dalhousie University) The Cultural Crystallization of Mid-19th Century Irish Halifax

 Dan MacInnes (St. Francis Xavier University) The Employment of a Dynamic 19th Century Port City: Irish Catholics, Protestant Evangelicals, and Protestant Dissenters Face an Anglican Establishment


Holy Cross Cemetery, Halifax: Monuments & Methodology
Chair:  Peter Ludlow (Holy Cross Trust)

Bruce Elliott (Carleton University) The Creation of Holy Cross Cemetery, Halifax, And Its Irish- Canadian Grave Markers

Julie Lalonde (Dalhousie University)  Idea and Implementation of Big Data in a Historical Setting

Binod Sundararjan (Dalhousie University) Networks of Five Irish Catholic Families in 19th Century Halifax: A Methodological Journey

Halifax’s Irish Catholics, Citizenship, and Empire
Chair: Terry Murphy (St. Mary’s University)

Katherine Crooks (St. Mary’s University)The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax

Patrick Mannion (Memorial University) Irish Nationalism in Halifax

Mark McGowan (University of Toronto) The Irish Catholics of Halifax and the Empire’s Wars, 1899-1918


Published on: 25 March 2014
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