The inclusion of the CCHA in Canadian Association of Learned Journals will make Historical Studies available to wider audience.

Recently there have been significant changes in the world of learned journals. The rise of electronic journals opens new ways to make scholarly work available to a wider public. To keep abreast of these and other developments in the publishing world, Historical Studies recently joined the Canadian Association of Learned Journals.

The CALJ mandate is to “represent, develop and support the academic community of Canadian learned journals in disseminating original research and scholarly information, and to promote intellectual culture in Canada and internationally.” The CALJ publishes a number of guides for editors on matters such as the digitization of back issues and provides continuing information and guidance on editing, business management, and the publishing industry.

During the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences it holds sessions at which members share ideas in scholarly publishing and it will promote our journal at the Congress book fair as well as in its directory and in other publications. In addition, we have a page on the CALJ website. We hope our membership to CALJ, along with the changes to our new website design, will draw attention to Historical Studies, resulting in new CCHA memberships, more articles, and a better journal all round.

Indre Cuplinskas,
Editor of
Historical Studies

Patricia E. Roy
Associate Editor

Published on: 21 August 2012
Posted by: amm098