Members of the CCHA participate during two weeks of Vatican changes.

The entire world waited with anticipation for the divinely inspired decision from the Papal Conclave of the Vatican, March 13, 2013.  Many of our own CCHA members were actively involved with local, national and international newspapers, television news teams and social media to give their own learned opinions on what we could expect during this time.  Did you recognize any of our members or were you a part of that history?  Please feel free to praise those whom you did see.  We can all use a bit of recognition!! If you are associated with the CCHA we would love to know what you did to help the media report on this unprecedented month. What did you think of the coverage of the election of Pope Francis?  What can we expect over the next few weeks?  We have also taken a moment to reflect on the paper presented by Gregory Baum, “The Forgotten Promises of Vatican II”.  Any thoughts going forward? We look forward to sharing your memories and comments.

Published on: 23 December 2011
Posted by: amm098