A Tribute to Richard A. Lebrun, developer of the first CCHA website

        At a time when most of us were still trying to understand how to manipulate email and open attachments, CCHA Past-President Richard A. Lebrun took on the enormous task of designing and developing a website that would serve us into a new century.  He pioneered new ideas that were available in the early 1980’s and incorporated many ways to allow our members to easily access an electronic library of over 75 years of CCHA Historical Studies and current events.  This was a daunting task for anyone but Richard, with the help of Mike Caligiuri, (at that time a student at St. Paul’s College), ensured each page of the Historical Studies were scanned and presented in such a way to make the visitor to our site find what they were looking for, quickly. Many aspects of the work they did has been an anchor to the development of this new site and will continue to be of tremendous value for years to come.

       It served us very well but the time for a new website design could no longer be ignored. In fact, it was Richard Lebrun who encouraged a new look and a more “modern” design for the CCHA.

        We are truly grateful and wish to thank Richard Lebrun and Mike Caligiuri for their steadfast efforts and hard work eagerly volunteered over the years.  We also wish to thank St. Paul’s College of the University of Manitoba for their support and guidance as our website host during those years.

Published on: 30 November 2011
Posted by: amm098