Historical Studies - Volume 77, 2011

Canadian Catholic Historical Association

CCHA, Historical Studies, 77 (2011)

Table of Contents

List of Contributors, p. 4

Editors’ Foreword, p. 5


Gregory Baum, “The Forgotten Promises of Vatican 11” pp. 7-22

Peter Meehan, “’Purified Socialism’ and the Church in Saskatchewan: Tommy Douglas, Philip Pocock and Hospitalization, 1944-1948” pp. 23-40

Jacalyn Duffin, “Miracles and Wonders: Finding Canadian Medical History in the Vatican Archives” pp. 41-58

Historical Note
Colleen Gray, “’As a Bird Flies’ The Writings of Marie Barbier, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Montreal Woman Religious and Mystic” pp. 59-70

Oral History Note
Terence Fay SJ, Nicole Vonk and Gwyn Griffith, “Oral Sources for Religious History” pp. 71-84

Abstracts/Resumes pp. 87-90
Submissions and Guidelines pp. 91