Historical Studies: 2014 | VOLUME 80

Table of Contents

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  • Editors’ Foreword


  • Edward MacDonald
    The Working Life of an Island Priest: The Diary of Father Angus McDonald, Diocese of Charlottetown, 1871-1883
  • Marie Elliott
    Mission to New Caledonia: The Letters of John Nobili, S.J., 1845-1848
  • David A. Kingma
    Calling Them to Their Duties: William Henry Judge, S.J., American Missionary to the Canadian North
  • Patricia E. Roy
    The Maillardville, B.C. School Strike: Archbishop W.M. Duke, Catholic Schools, and the British Columbia Election of 1952 63
  • Kenney Prize Announcement
  • Abstracts/Résumé
  • Submission Guidelines


Patricia E. Roy

Indre Cuplinskas
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