2016 CCHA Conference Program

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Our Congress 2016 Host University of Calgary

Our Congress 2016 Host University of Calgary

The 83rd Annual Meeting of the

Canadian Catholic Historical Association (CCHA)

University of Calgary

June 1st and 2nd, 2016



 Wednesday, June 1, 2016

8:25 am, Welcome from CCHA President Robert Dennis, Opening Prayer and Welcome to CCHA Keynote Speaker in Joint Session with the Canadian Historical Association (CHA) and Canadian Society of Church History (CSCH) 

J.R. Miller, University of Saskatchewan, “Canada Confronts Its History: Residential Schools and Reconciliation”

Coffee Break


10:15 am, Politics, Priests, and Popular Belief



Robert Dennis, University of Prince Edward Island, “Henry Somerville: Harbinger of the New Liberalism?

Fred McEvoy, Independent Scholar, “Father James T. Foley, Catholic Journalist

Frank Abbott, Simon Fraser University, “Reverends and Revenants: The Catholic Church and Popular Beliefs in Rural Québec

Moderator: Peter Baltutis, St. Mary’s University


1:00 pm, Vatican II and Canadian Women Religious:  Re-Energizing or Dismantling?

Heidi MacDonald, University of Lethbridge, “Smaller Numbers, Stronger Voices: Women Religious, Feminism, and the Canadian Religious Conference since the 1960s”

Rosa Bruno-Jofré, Queen’s University, “The Tortuous Attempts at Re-energizing Communities:  The Missionary Oblate Sisters: Renewal and the Journey of the Prophetic Feminist Vision of Alice Trudeau”

Elizabeth Smyth, University of Toronto, “Living Vatican II: the life history of Sister Mary Alban (Bernadette) Bouchard, CSJ”

Christine Lei, Wilfrid Laurier University, “‘Pioneers for a Better World:’ The Work of the Sisters of Social Service in Calgary, 1950-1994”

Moderator: Robert Berard, Mount Saint Vincent University

Coffee Break

CCHA AGM AND General Meeting
- Election of New Executive and acceptance of reports

5:00 pm, Holy Mass for Deceased Members of the CCHA

6:30 pm, Conference Dinner and Celebration

Thursday, June 2, 2016

9:00 am, Louis Riel, the Métis, and Catholicism

M. Max Hamon, McGill University, “Connections, Culture, and Politics – Louis Riel and the Ultramontane Catholic Network”

Matthew McRae, University of Western Ontario,The Many lives of Louis Riel: Social Memory and the Events of 1869-70 and 1888”

Amanda Fehr, University of Saskatchewan, “‘My mom tends to tell it the Catholic way—I’d tell it my way, the right way’.  Local Histories of the 1885 Resistance”

Moderator: Edward Macdonald, University of Prince Edward Island

CCHA Roundtable: “Humble Green Men: Essential Recovery, Ecospirituality, and Energizing Communities from St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster, Saskatchewan”

Participants: Dennis Patrick O’Hara (University of St. Michael’s College), Brigid Ward (St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan), Caitlin Ward (St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan), Chris Hrynkow (St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan).

Moderator: Patricia Roy, University of Victoria


Irish and “Other” Catholics in Canada

Terry Murphy, Saint Mary’s University, “Emancipation versus Equity: Civic Inclusion of Halifax Catholics, 1830-1865”

Mark McGowan, University of Toronto, “Migration, Matrimony and Murder: Irish Catholic Famine Migrants on the Niagara Frontier, 1847-1851”

Clara A.B. Joseph, University of Calgary, “On the Episcopal Ordination of Mar Kalluvelil: The Hi/story of Some ‘Other’ Catholics of Canada”

Moderator: Peter Ludlow, Saint Mary’s University

Coffee Break

Energizing Communities in Education and Service

Joseph Stafford, Queen’s University, “An Historical Review: the Role of the High School in Energizing the Catholic Community”

Peter Baltutis, St. Mary’s University, “Faith that Does Justice: Jesuit Social Justice Initiatives in English Canada after Vatican II (1965 to the Present)”

Commentator: Jaqueline Gresko, Douglas Coll 


     CCHA CONFERENCE JUNE 1 – 2, 2016

Black CCHA Logo with full written CCHA founded marks
 CCHA members stayed at Hotel Alma, the only hotel on Campus and within easy walking distance to every event during Congress.  The staff at Hotel Alma was helpful, very pleasant and absolutely “accommodating” and I would personally like to thank the staff of Hotel Alma for their attentiveness to our every need.

An unexpected benefit to every CCHA member is to be able to be a part of our organized and bulk accommodation every year at Congress.  

Our Annual Banquet CCHA (held yearly after the Holy Mass on Wednesday June 1st) begins with a vibrant reception, always a gift from our Secretary-General Edward Jackman, followed by a delicious banquet and almost always a dinner guest speaker.  This year we were entertained and educated by the passionate Special Guest Speaker – Helen Kominek, St. Mary’s University, Calgary “The Life and Legacy of Fr. Albert Lacombe, OMI”

kominek dinner talk 2016


We hope everyone who was part of the 2016 Conference for the CCHA in Calgary, especially joined us in friendship and interest in Canadian Catholic history.

Key documents:

Local Representatives:
Peter Baltutis and Valerie Burke