CCHA Historical Studies Volume 82 is here!

By now, all of our members should have received their Historical Studies Volume 82 by mail. This years volume includes articles by: Fr. Ron Griffin, CSB and Michael Hayden on “Transformations and Consequences: The Basilians in France and North America” …

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  • Cancellarius in Spiritualibus, Cancellarius in Temporalibus
    In a busy Archdiocese like Toronto, there is a lot of administrative work to do. Issues big and small arise and need to be handled. The Archbishop can't do it all himself, so he has his auxiliary Bishops, vicars, and chancellors.As mandated by Canon Law, the role of the chancellor is primarily record keeping:"Canon 482 §1 In each curia a chancellor […]

Fall 2015 Bulletin

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  • In this issue:

    • Report on the 2015 CCHA Annual Conference
    • Message From the President
    • G.E. Clerk Award: Call for Nominations
    • Current Publications
    • Coast to Coast