Worth Repeating: The Forgotten Promises of Vatican II

It seems timely that in this week of selection of the new Pontiff, Pope Francis, that we should .reconsider the poignant words of Gregory Baum and reflect on history and the direction of the Catholic church.

Members of the CCHA participate during two weeks of Vatican changes.

Since the announcement of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI the news media have found the CCHA blog and website, seeking direction and advice. Perhaps they will keep looking to us in these next few critical weeks. What are your thoughts?


Spring 2014 Bulletin

A new editor takes the helm of the Bulletin, Irish Day at the CCHA Conference, member publications, a book review, and more in the Spring 2014 bulletin.


Coast to Coast: Spring 2014

Robert Dennis, CCHA Vice-President, takes appointment at St Dunstan’s University; Peter Baltutis to begin professorship at St Mary’s University College in Calgary.

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